näckros änglatrumpet äpple vindriva detalj Åkervinda, foto Dan Hazelius lotusblomma Ärtbalja frukt med etsat skal liten bild näckros detalj _MG_7433 _MG_7516 ärtbalja äpple Tuppgraal, foto Dan Hazelius vindruvsklase plommon maskrosfrö tovad blomma
" Curiosity and a need to realize ideas have been the spine of my work for many years. In color and composition I seek harmony given wellbeing and happiness to the social structures. The force I am reflects in the works that comes out of my hands. In cooperation with other craftsmen or artists I create sculptures in mixmedia. With an intention that the materials will meet in a unit that is balanced and obvious . Yet often the soft sharpens and the hard material becomes soft when I create freely. Nature's shapes, colors and content are a great inspiration in my creation. Nature give me time to breathe and reflect. For me the work reflects the human behind and that is both scary and exciting. The last few years I have worked with metal and glass as the main material . But I constantly try new material and has collaborations in several areas. "