"A thought. A reflection . A spark . I want to create art that challenges and encourages , that gets the eye to rest and marvel."

"The intersection between reality and dream.
I want my work to reach a balance so that the expression gives the room to interact. I want to convey what I see and discover. Show you how I perceive the world. Nature and curiosity is that which fattens my work. I want to give the beautiful and sensuous a larger location that can be discovered again and again. Where you as viewers see new things all the time. I want to surprise and be surprised . Teaching and learning. Interact with others and break given expectations and patterns. I want to show the living and interacting in a natural and often obvious form, but in a way that creates curiosity and joy. My work live in the four elements of air, water , earth and fire . In the heat of the ovens I shape the sand that has melted into liquid glass . Air fro, a breath gives the shape . The glass solidifies and reflects the water . It is in the meeting between nature and the materials that inspires me."