Under hösten 2018 går det bra att förboka en tid för besök så avtalar vi en tid som passar.

Öppet under första helgen i November. Öppettider kommer lite senare.

Varmt Välkomna!

Hitta hit:
Österlens Glashytta
Norra Björstorp 121
273 55 Brösarp
0709-63 03 03


The workshop
Österlens Glashytta

In 1997 I started working with glass and at that time I rented glasstudios in Småland north from here. After 10 years working with glass found my self in need of finding out what it feelt to have a studio of my own. We found a home in the lovley hills of Brösarps backar close to nature of all kind. At the old farm there where plenty of space and the studio took form bit by bit. Now almost 10 years later we look back on a great time with many expiriences. From now on the studiospace will be primaly a place for work and development for artists like me. The public openinghours at Österlens Glashytta are limitied do to new needs and a believe that there is a time for everything.